This could have been written by me…20 years ago. Being the most beautiful person in the room/club/class, is an experience that is only possible for about 1/5 of your life. The rest of the time, you’re just a regular human. I did get to be ‘the prettiest one’ for many years and ultimately, it hurt me. When that luster began to fade I was horrified. I spent my 30s mourning my 20s. What a waste.
Now, on the doorstep of 50, I look back a photos from my 30s and think ‘Wow, I looked like a million dollars! Still!!’ but I sure didn’t feel like it. At some point, the possibility to be THAT is just gone. If you haven’t cultivated another form of self-worth you’ll find yourself old and bitter…and nothing is more unattractive than that.

Fortunately, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. The beauty trap didn’t catch and kill me…like it did some of my prettier counterparts. I feel lucky: happily married, great career, lovely home, good health. Instead of mourning my fall for the top of the “mating pyramid,” I am grateful every. single. day.

My life has turned out great.
And, I enjoy learning to see beauty in people my own age. Beauty in old people is not an accident of genetics and time. It comes from having a good soul, a full heart and a bit of practical wisdom.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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