Thank you for this thoughtful response. It is exactly the kind of engagement I hope for as a writer.
As far as what Crowder thinks, I can’t say…and I haven’t really invested much time in exploring him. My impression comes from watching two of his debates on this topic (gender). The first thing that strikes me as disingenuous is that he never gives his debate partners any buy in. The most egregious instance of this is his unwillingness to admit to historical roles for third genders in other cultures and eras. (Come on….there’s just a ton.) Secondly, in this video he openly condemns the “restructuring of society” for transgender people. He comes very close to denying the actual existence of intersex individuals. He flatly argues that they are statistically irrelevant. He doesn’t hide his anger about C-16. Clearly, he takes Jordan Peterson’s extremist reading of it to heart. In the video I watched Crowder seems to be arguing both 1. the gender dymorphia is a choice, and 2. that honoring someone’s chosen identity does harm to the existing societal structures and free speech. In the first case he is denying the experience of gender dysmorphia as a real disability and in the second case arguing against laws that makes gender identity a protected status.
As far as my position, I’ve stated it. This article is the culmination of much thought and while I am always evolving my knowledge base, everything I think is clearly laid out within.

TDLR: I think that both gender and the biological manifestations of human sexuality lie on a spectrum. There’s no reason to think someone else’s lived experience is less valid because it is different than ours; therefore they deserve equal protection under the law.

Re: your changing mind…
My second degree is in philosophy. During school I noticed that each semester the professors would totally convince me of their positions, and I would end up thinking “wow, he/she really knows what’s up!” But, then it would happen again the next semester with a different set of ideas, and the semester after and so on. After a few semesters of that, I started to see how all kinds of ideas can be made compelling. Parsing out our real thoughts and feelings takes time. Just because Crowder is better at conveying his ideas than your liberal friends is not a measure of their merit.

I sure appreciate the time you took to write me, thank you again.
Here’s someone I’ve been learning from recently. ContraPoints!

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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