I'm an atheist largely as a matter of protest. It didn't just start with Trump...the hypocrisy of religious folk has been continuous since I was young. (the vile abuse, the scorn, the guilt, etc.) But, I will say that the Trump presidency put even more nails in that coffin.

We've seen a rise in modern "Satanism" - not because any of these people believe in a 'satan' but because Christians have so obviously become all that they claim to abhor. Sometimes I meet good Christians and I am *surprised*...yes, surprised - I silently think, "this one isn't so bad." Being an "atheist" in name only is a philosophical move, as I see it. It is an attempt to put a mirror squarely in the faces of religious folk.

I call myself an atheist, but I still believe in a universal morality, the presence of love in everything around us, as well as the feelings of transcendence for the astonishing and sublime beauty of the natural world.

As I told a dear friend from Africa, who was concerned for my soul, "The sky is my church, all people are my congregation. Love is my god."

Whatever it is that Christians are doing...well, I steer clear of it, as best as I can.

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