I think they are conditioned to see the general public as enemy combatants. If they do hurt or kill an innocent bystander they immediately rationalize it in their own minds — and their fellow cops assist with the smoothing over of cognitive dissonance. I’m a middle-class white woman, and even I wouldn’t call the cops. My husband is Mexican….so yeah, bringing the police to our house is a “no go.” I don’t trust them not to hurt us and I don’t believe that they would actually care about helping us anyway. They are meant to protect the property and comfort of the wealthy.

(My small apartment in Seattle was robbed while I was in college. I called the police and they asked, “How much do you think is missing?” I told them, “a ton of stuff, my whole CD collection, my electronics, etc.” The cop interrupted me and said, “NO, the value, how much value is missing?” I told them I wasn’t sure “...maybe $5,000 worth.” Their answer? “Yeah….we don’t really come out for less than $10,000.” I argued a little more…they said I could fill out a report to help me if I had renter’s insurance (which I did not). In the end….utterly useless and completely unwilling to help a poor college student. They were never going to help me “get my stuff back.”)

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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