I have friends in Nigeria, and so I understand why you feel this way. Nigeria is a deeply religious country and that culture is embedded in the consciousness of the people since the day they are born. But, what holds for Nigeria does not apply to the rest of the world, particularly to more wealthy, secular nations.

In my life experience, religion has been a source of oppression, guilt and shame - I threw it off more than 40 years ago and I am happier for it.

Consider this, statistics show that the poorest and most violent countries are also the most religious. Conversely, the most peaceful and prosperous countries are secular. Religion is a stone-age answer to some of humanities hardest questions, but we've come so far since then. Our current level of moral understanding reflects the world as it is today, not how it was thousands of years ago.

I'd almost be inclined to agree with your Pascalian arguments if I could see proof that religion actually helps....but that proof does not exist.

If religion wants to survive the coming century they had better update and re-frame their entire orientation because to many of us, it just looks like mass delusion and convenient rationalization.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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