I can tell you are a Crowder fan and I’m just not. I’ve watched 3 of his videos, and an interview— still not impressed. Doesn’t seem to me like he’s able to “hear” any of his opponents. His mind is already made. He may genuinely be trying to get people to understand his logic — I’ll buy that. But, I don’t see him listening to others, taking in new information, adhering to Rapoport’s Rules, or accepting facts that do not support his position.
I believe there are two primary expressions of sexual dimorphism, and a large expanse of possible manifestation balanced between them. I am arguing that we ought to honor the rights of those in the gray area. Crowder thinks otherwise. It’s not my intent to grapple with any other of his positions, especially since he’s not a philosopher, he’s a comedian. If I wanted to attack the source of his ideas, I’d be critiquing Jordan Peterson anyway.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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