Hmmm, I can’t tell what you are trying to accomplish here. Perhaps you aren’t really listening when Tulsi Gabbard speaks about foreign policy. She gave a clear and reasoned explanation about why she met with Assad and what she discovered (that we arm both sides at a profit). Since she is a veteran, with many years of military experience, government experience and a worldly overview of international relations, I take her words seriously. She is the only one I see pulling back the curtain on U.S. military regime-change wars — and most importantly WHY we wage them: not to win, but as a business model.

I’ve been following the U.S. military-industrial complex for over 30 years and Tulsi speaks about their actual methods, mission and policy with a measure of realism sorely needed. I am personally glad she has met with these dictators. In all cases, I’d rather negotiate, build relationships, work with the international community to assist in humanitarian ways, than continue to fund wars of business with taxpayer dollars. Personally, I’m sickened at the thought of my tax dollars going to fund Blackwater and other military blood sports around the globe.

Tulsi is the only candidate who seems willing to confront and challenge the status quo.

As far as Sanders, I’m not worried. Bernie will catch up, he’s an old dog perfectly capable of learning new tricks. Maybe you should stop throwing spitballs at our best candidates. Turn your guns on the fake, corporate Dems running on PAC money, and already anointed by the 1%.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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