Excellent piece and I am very much in agreement with you about this. I do think that part of the reason the Left ‘eats its own’ so much is that we suck at building social capital. Jonathan Haidt explains why in his book “The Righteous Mind.” The Right can draw upon god and country to engender social capital, but the Left is all about critical theory and deconstruction…. We’re not so good at building alliance, creating coherence and reconciling the “diversity” we claim to cherish so much. Instead we constantly tear everything down. Fun, yes, but productive and helpful? Not so much.

Our job on the Left ought to be focusing on this important weakness. They (the Right) are fewer than us, but they win because Right wing values lend themselves to better organization and social capital. They are the “company men” they “tow the party line,” respect authority within their ranks and vote as a block — there is power in that, and it is a kind of power that the Left either ignores, rejects, or pretends doesn’t matter.

The Left has the superior moral vision, this I believe, but we fail to “walk our talk.” While we bleat about “inclusion” we shun anything or anyone who does not immediately fall into line with the identity politics ‘flavor of the day.’ This self-immolation will be our undoing if we cannot wake up, get over ourselves and see the bigger picture.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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