As I entered, middle-age the amount of general attention I got dimished dramatically with each passing year.

In my youth, I honestly believed that people were just "really nice" - both men and women.

What aging reveals, is the your good looks are literal *social capital.* Your looks are buying you all kinds of invisible privileges, more opportunity, more eye contact, more attention, free stuff, assistance of all kinds, more of everything....

It is important to understand that this phase of a woman's life is short-lived, about 1/5 of your total lifespan. After that, you'll just be a normal human, and if you haven't cultivated real character, depth, and authenticity, you'll find yourself a discarded, empty shell.

Nothing is more unattractive than that.

Start by imagining who you are aside from your present level of hotness. You are more than your looks - and this is not to say "don't revel in the power of youth and beauty"- No, no, enjoy it! Savor it, love every second of your moment in the sun, but also prepare to be something more in the coming years...something more than a pretty face.

Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and insight.

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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