A Prayer to Solar Consciousness

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Image by Author (2009)

Dare I speak?
A mere blink in your fiery eye
a mote of carbon dust
feebly twitching in the
tsunami of your eminence.
Maker of light
who lives long and dies slow,
galactic diamond.
Death becomes you.

We are made of dead suns,
our flesh from your corpse.
You feed us,
you kill us,
and we love you more than
any other god.

Generous sun
your gift is continuous
and without need of sacrifice or worship.
Crucible of life
you are blinding to behold
shining without discrimination
upon all.
Teach me the way of the super nova,
the birthrights of nebulae,
and the secrets of
faster than light.

I’ll fly to your heart
in the moment of death.
Take me back
give me unity
let me return to the source.

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