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photo from author (taken by Ricardo Olvera)

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Essays — Politics and Culture


Electrochemical hymns

Composite image of nose, cheeks, lips and apples in a palette of pink, yellow and gray.
image by author

To be performed at sunrise

A pelican just above the surface of a lake, pink light from sunrise bathes the scene.
photo by author

Response to the Scrittura Prompt: power of an opening question

Abstract image incorporating scratched metal texture and fractal patterns, in a dark muted palette.
image by author

A tribute to a friend

Composite image of a woman’s face adorned by moss, bark and twigs in a muted palette of pastel greens, purples and blues.
image by author

a journey into death’s abyss

Composite image of a key head with fractal and wood texturing, the palette is in purples and yellows.
image by author

Trigger Warning: this story contains depictions of horror and violence.

It started out, as usual, we danced and laughed, disco lights pulsed in the living room. I changed my dress a couple times in celebration, but then I felt it in my gut, a distinct type of pain — the pain that comes from bad acid. It was two years old, stored in the fridge (mainly), but on paper. I have known for decades that blotter acid can degrade, but the possibility didn’t enter my mind that night. We had each taken two, just two. …

a poem

image by author

free verse

image by author

Andrea Juillerat-Olvera

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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