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Andrea Juillerat-Olvera is a scholar and thinker creating on a multitude of levels. Her writing is informed by daily exposure to a broad range of learning environments and time spent living abroad.

Medium has made me a poet above all else, and here is a small selection of my most…

On collective isolation

Abstract, textured image that includes a woman’s profile and bone-like structures in a muted palette of black, gray and blue.

Here on the precipice of hope my feet want to take flight — seeking respite from a bitter wind, a sullied light. Thoughts take shelter in the lee of cold stone.

Outlandish pirate slops drift in the sky of my dream, a fine and motley crew of ruffled doublets, dirty…

response to poetry prompt “postmodern love signs

A masked figure in white walk along an old, wall, textured in shades of off-white and beige.

She was plural, by the way of it
and yet her love was singular
but partly dead
so she ran west
tracked by old crows
descendants of dinosaurs
gargoyles flexing their bat wings.

Five years separated them
arduous paperwork
a civilian labyrinth
wasps’ nests
immigration officials relented
and they married in mutual refuge

Electrochemical hymns

Composite image of nose, cheeks, lips and apples in a palette of pink, yellow and gray.

Fragrant baby cheek apples
slugs make nature’s glitter glue
tarot cards walk with me at dusk
critiquing humans
and their sparkly bits.

Draw a chalk hopscotch
play it with five-year-olds
little girl me loved
cotton candy
pastel colors
roller-skating Fridays
the smell of books.

Obstinate houses built on the floodplain

To be performed at sunrise

A pelican just above the surface of a lake, pink light from sunrise bathes the scene.

Lie on your back and close your eyes
in this hour you are my pearl
cradled in the pink of my heart flesh.
I am a wind that carries blessings from your Gods
cold alabaster on your lips.

May your eyes pierce the darkness and drink of the light.
May your…

Response to the Scrittura Prompt: power of an opening question

Abstract image incorporating scratched metal texture and fractal patterns, in a dark muted palette.

Stairs descending beyond thought and no contact with the others. Phoenix trapped in my heaving chest…Have we always wanted wings?

Collective dream resigned to a future of ash snow and cold vomit, pollution settles into our eyes. The sad valley waits for that westerly wind to blow it all away…

A tribute to a friend

Composite image of a woman’s face adorned by moss, bark and twigs in a muted palette of pastel greens, purples and blues.

slippery woman
dust devil or rainstorm
she won’t be yoked
destroys every collar
accepts punishment before obedience
no submission to the chain
raised in a pack…

She runs alone

Earth’s living bling
a smile that slaps you across the face
a glint of dark blue sparkles
screaming midnight rain
climaxing in…

Andrea Juillerat-Olvera

Interpreter, Teacher, Artist.

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